The Purple Door Story

Hi! I’m Amy! Together with my husband Jon, we own and operate Purple Door Craft Company.  We have two beautiful children, Mitchell & Emelia, and we live just outside Plain City, Ohio.

Amy Huber, Owner Purple Door Craft Company

Amy Huber, Owner Purple Door Craft Company

Purple Door Craft Company Family

The Huber Family

Crafting was in my blood the day I was born.  My mom, Ann, passed the gene on to me and I have been crafting ever since.  When I was younger, I always had art supplies on my Christmas list.  However, as I grew older, I found I had less and less time for crafting. 

Proudly showing off a wooden necklace I made when I was around 5.

Mom and I today.

Helping my brother build something when I was a teen.

Amy's Kids Purple Door Craft Company

A few of the many, many things I have sewn :)

When I decided to morph my shop, the Purple Door Collection into Purple Door Craft Company, I wanted to give all moms and dads out there the ability to do something just for themselves!  Whether it is taking an hour to paint a frame or a few hours to design a wreath - this is your time!  My mission is to make crafting pretty things easy and accessible for all people. Instead of just giving you a final project, you get the opportunity to participate in the therapy that is crafting!

Want to learn a little bit more about our craft kits? Watch this video:

The birth of my daughter in 2013 is what brought me back to my love.  I began to sew her all of the pretty things and embroider my kids birthday shirts.  Since then, I have been selling all of my crafty creations on Etsy mostly as a way to fund my crafting and sewing addiction. When I first opened, I named my shop The Purple Door Collection.  This was two fold:

1. I literally painted a door purple in my craft room,
2. Painting that door was something I did for only one person: me.  So much time in my life is dedicated to others and making them happy - so the thought of choosing to paint a door my favorite color (definitely not my husband's) was huge for me!